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Most of the services – including search, browsing, and displaying images – are freely available without registration. For our registered users we provide a wider range of services, for example ordering a copy from the holding library and postcard sending service.

Registration and login are located in the right hand corner. It is also possible to recover forgotten passwords. To register you only need to provide a few personal data for identification and contact information that we exclusively use for the purposes of the image library and we do not hand them over to third parties.


The images can be searched by different indexes. After choosing the desired menu item a page will be displayed where you can set the search options on the left hand side and you can type in the query into the search box on the right hand side or you can choose it from the drop-down menu. (Some fields have fixed lists.)

If you would like to set further options you have to click on the >Extend< button and more and more search boxes can be displayed. (With the >Narrow < button you can make surplus fields disappear. After typing in the queries you have to click on the >Start< button to start the search by the given options. In the field next to the >Start< button you can set the number of pictures to be displayed on one page.

If you click on the >New search< button the previous settings will be deleted and you can start a new query. Arrows help you to navigate among the results.

There are two different ways to display results, you can choose between them by clicking on one of the two icons.

If you click on the thumbnails in the listed results you can enlarge the chosen image displaying its most important data. By clicking on the magnifying glass under the picture you can enlarge the image to screen size. The other icons help you to display the detailed data of the images, to save and print the results and to reach other services of comfort. Here you can start ordering the copy of the image which will be completed by the library that preserves the original document. Since the order is transmitted via e-mail we need your e-mail address so for orders you need to be a registered user.

If a digital document consists of more than one image you can view the images in a filmstrip format. By clicking on a thumbnail on the strip you can enlarge the picture which will appear in the display field.


If you start browsing, the first group of images will appear in alphabetical order of the main titles. You can choose other options for browsing and you can narrow it down to one library’s collection.

You can use the Results list in the same way like it was introduced by the Search options.



In this menu you can read about the actual events, new uploads, information related to the services and other news.


You can send your comments about the Digital Library.


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